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Spring Break

Spring is a wonderfully quiet and often sunny time to hide away on the Endsleigh Estate. Wandering through the dell at this time of year one could be forgiven for believing its beauty is wholly natural. Thereby lies the skill of Humphry Repton, whom the 6th Duke entrusted with improving the garden: for all the cascades; waterfalls; rocky crags and trees clinging precariously to ledges are not there by chance but are the product of careful consideration and artistry.  Spring is possibly the best time to experience the dell as Humphry Repton imagined it, with the wildflowers clothing the banks of the streams, cascades and waterfalls and complementing the picturesque details, whilst the surrounding foliage has not yet obscured the views of the layout of the garden. As this year is the 200th anniversary of Repton’s death, what better time is there to experience one of his last major commissions?

Stay for two nights (Sunday-Thursday) from £700 including Champagne on arrival, a candle lit dinner each evening, Afternoon tea in the library one day and tickets to The Garden House.

Spring has sprung and we’ve got plans

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20 April–18 June (excluding bank holidays)