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Wild Food Foraging

Monday 8 May, 10am

 Delve into the Endsleigh undergrowth with Wilderness Woman (aka Jacky) to discover the edible plants and flowers in our garden. She can give you a lovely slug recipe, or if you’re feeling slightly less adventurous spring coleslaw. The foraging walk will include some common garden cultivars as well as the herbal, medicinal and folklore uses for a variety of easily recognised wild foods. The walk will take two hours and will include tastings of many plants, followed by a delicious lunch with some foraged foods.

£44 including a two course lunch


The Secret to Looking Beautiful

Anyone who meets me can attest it truly works! The secret involves an early morning bathe in the dew from the hawthorn on Beltane (May Day). I love keeping the folklore side of nature alive and I’m convinced there are faeries in the garden at Endsleigh somewhere!

A Lovely Recipe for

First wash them in a 50:50 vinegar/water mix. Boil the slugs but change the water after a minute or two and continue to boil until ‘done’.  The posterior digestive gland is in the last third of the body on the underside so this must be removed after cooking.  Once done, these homeless snails can be treated the same as snails or even as clams.

Cook pasta until al dente, while the pasta is cooking, melt butter and olive oil in pan. Sautee onion and garlic, and add crushed red pepper flakes. Add lemon juice, oregano, basil, stir for one minute and add slugs. Simmer for five minutes.